Covid Destination Tracker for International Travellers

Covid Destination Tracker for International Travellers


The title of this blogpost may have surprised you considering the situation in India today.

Many of us and/or our loved ones are not keeping well. We have all been advised to stay home. International travel is probably the last thing on our minds.

That said, I am sure some of you have unavoidable requirements to travel abroad. Namely for joining with family, employment, etc. Maybe that's you, or someone in your circle.

If that is the case, this wonderful new Destination Tracker will be a big help.

IATA UNWTO Destination Tracker

It is developed by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and International Air Travel Association (IATA).

We came to know that this tool has just been released, and wanted to let you guys know ASAP.

The Destination Tracker will basically give you the following live country-specific information related to Covid, as indicated in the UNWTO website:

  • Health Indicators
    • COVID-19 14-day notification rate per 100,000 population
    • Test positivity rate
    • People Vaccinated per 100
  • Current Air Travel Regulations
    • Flight suspensions
    • Entry restrictions
    • Quarantine
    • Restriction level
    • COVID-19 test
  • Destination-specific Restrictions
    • Attractions
    • Events
    • Facilities
    • Accommodation
    • Food and Drinks
    • Transit through the country
    • Public transport
    • Stay-at-home requirements
  • Health Regulations
    • Health Protocols
    • Mask policies

As you maybe aware, the IATA and UNWTO are highly reputed international stalwarts in the travel and tourism industry. The information is likely to be highly accurate.

And the best part,

It is Absolutely Free 

What more do you need to plan an international trip in these covid times?

Just select the country you are travelling to and/or are transiting through.

Destination Tracker



The destination tracker is divided into primarily into the following country-wise sections.

Health Indicators

Tells you about covid infection rates, vaccination status etc of the particular country

Air Travel:

Tells you whether flights are suspended, who is allowed in, covid test requirements for entry etc


Tells you about restrictions in the country, accommodation and public transport status etc.


Tells you about the health and safety protocols to be followed (as laid out by the particular ministry of health) while in the country.

The 2 other sections (map view and analysis) lets you filter out countries across based on the restrictions.

Hope this really helps you guys out. 

It is best accessed from a desktop.

Do not forget to click the full screen button on the bottom right for better accessibility.


Smooth Travels!

Team BorderTribe

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