How to Travel Safely once the lock-down ends

How to Travel Safely once the lock-down ends

travel after lockdown ends

Tired of this Lock-down? Aren't we all. Hopefully, things will get better after 3rd of May

It is a difficult period for all of us. But we should be proud of how as a country we have gotten through this lock down so far.

Many us are dying for some outdoors right now. We want to once again climb mountains, swim in rivers and feel the warm sand on our feet. We want to go back to our home towns and visit our loved ones.

And some of you are planning do just these once the lock-down ends. However, the end of the lockdown does not mean that the threat is no-more.

It may take some time for things to go back to normal. We may have to wait for a vaccine to come out. Until then, we have to take precautions and adapt to these difficult times.

Here are some suggestions you may want to consider when travelling once the lock-down ends.

1) Always wear a mask in Public


We all know that wearing a mask is not comfortable. But safety cannot be compromised. We strongly advise you to wear a mask in public. Wear it especially when passing through Airports, using other Public Transport, or visiting any other crowded areas.

In fact it is highly likely that governments will mandate masks to be worn in public. It doesn't have to be one of those surgical types. Buy one that does the job, and also looks good.





2) Carry a Hand Sanitizer when Travelling

You must be getting used to this already. Always have a hand sanitizer on you while travelling, and use it frequently. Use it especially after exiting crowded places, touching common spaces, after using public restrooms etc.

Carry one that is small and compact to fit your pockets or bag. This is an essential step to keep yourself germ-free

3) Avoid using non-personal stuff to the extent possible

This includes stuff such as magazines kept on stands in Airports, news papers, earphones and blankets provided on airlines etc.

Despite claims that these are sanitized, it is safer to stay away. For instance, a 2017 study showed that Airlines do not sterilize blankets provided on-board despite claiming to do so.

4) Plan your trips to destinations within India

India Travel

Believe it or not, right now, India is the safest place to be. The infections and death rates in other countries are way more than that in India. So if you are planning trips, better do it to destinations within India. 

Besides, there is no clarity on when international flights will resume.

Visa restrictions are also likely to go up. 

As you maybe aware, countries such as Thailand, Sri-Lanka have already cancelled Visa on Arrival for all nationalities. In fact, most countries are only letting-in citizens and diplomats.

Even when the restrictions are lifted, there is bound to be a lot of scrutiny when it comes to visas. For e.g. many countries may make medical examinations mandatory for visa applications. 

To all those who were planning  international summer trips, let us take solace in the fact that we are safe and sound. There are countless destinations in India that you can explore. This might be a good time to catch them as crowds will be low.

2020 is going to be the year of domestic travel.

5) Travel to destinations that are nearby

This is not a good time to venture far from home. What if another lock-down comes and you are stuck en-route. Look for places that are a couple of hours drive away from your home. You'll be surprised at the options you come up with.

6) Do more Road Trips

Road Trips

Trust us, it is going to be quite some time before we get used to public transport. Road trips offer the safety and comfort of our own vehicles. Travelling by your own means also offer flexibility to our plans.

7) Consider visiting your home-town

While we may be residing in cities right now, most of us have roots in the villages of India. Why not visit your native lands. We are not asking you to go and socialize. Just spend a quite day or two.Re-live the time when you visited/ grew up these places as a kid. Bring back the memories of swimming in rivers, climbing trees and strolling through lush green fields. 

Well, that is all we could think of. Some of you may feel that these are a bit too much hassle. However, please remember that we do this not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones who may not be blessed with the kind of immunity that we have.

Smooth Travels!

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