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Travel Towel
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Travel Towel | Microfiber

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A Travel Towel that is Compact, Quick Dry & Light Weight

Highly Compact so that you'll save luggage space
Quick Dry so that you'll never have to pack a wet towel again.
Soft & Highly water absorbing
Elastic band for rolling up
Mesh Cover for storage
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  • Material: Microfiber
  • Thread Count: 200 gsm
  • Dimensions: 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Weight: 200 gm
  • Quantity: 1 no
  • Country of Origin: China
  • All the Benefits of a Good Bath Towel, at One-Third the Size

    Saves you baggage space

    Don't you just hate it when you pack a bulky towel, and there is no space in your bag for anything else.

    Solution? The BorderTribe Travel Towel.

    It is so compact that it takes up minimal space, and fits into even the smallest backpacks. 

    The Elastic Loop provided will hold the towel in place when rolled up. This makes it so easy to pack.

    So compact that it takes up less than 1/3rd the space of a regular thick towel.

    You'll never have to pack a damp towel again

    Ever had to pack a damp towel? Like when it's time to checkout of a hotel, and your towel hasn't dried yet. Such a pain isn't it? Or maybe it is just the cold damp weather.

    The BorderTribe Microfiber Travel Towel dries out completely in less that 30 minutes. It is the perfect quick dry towel.

    It's Personal to you

    One can never be sure regarding the cleanliness of hotel towels. With a pandemic raging, we are guessing cleanliness and hygiene is super important for you.

    It is your own, personal beach towel.

    But wait. there's more. This Microfiber Towel is....

    • Made of the Finest Material: It is very soft on the skin
    • Highly Water Absorbing: You won't have to Pat and Rub multiple times
    • Super Stylish: It comes in a beautiful cover to roll-up and store in when wet
    • Long Lasting: Due to the high quality microfiber used.

    It also is really handy when checking into accommodations that do not provide towels. Or when the towels provided by them lack cleanliness and hygiene.

    Whether for the beach or the shower cubicle, it is perfect.

    If you order it now, you can avoid the last minute rush before your trip.

    Frequently asked questions

    1) What is the material of the towel?

    It is made of Microfiber material (Polyester + Polyamide Mix)

    2) Is this item returnable?

    Yes, this item is returnable within 7 days of delivery if unused.

    3) How big is this towel?

    It is 150 cm x 70 cm. As big as a large size bath towel. It can be wrapped comfortably around the waist, and will reach below knee length for a 6 feet tall person.  

    4) How long does it take to deliver this item?

    You will receive this item between 3-5 business days of placing your order.

    5) What is the size when rolled up and fastened? 

    It is 30 cm long with a 6 cm diameter. Now that's compact.

    6) Can I use it as a gym towel?

    Sure. It absorbs well, is quick dry, and easy to pack & carry.

    Got more questions about this towel?

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    Smooth Travels!