Free Visa on Arrival for Indians Travelling to Thailand

Thailand has waived visa on arrival fee for Indians travelling to Thailand for the period 14th Jan 2019 to 30th Apr 2019

Great news guys.

You can now get a free visa on arrival when travelling to Thailand. 

Thailand has waived the visa on arrival fee for Indians (and citizens of a few others countries) travelling to Thailand from 14th Jan 2019 to 30th Apr 2019

Incidentally this is the best time to travel to Thailand. 

The earlier visa or arrival fee was 2,000 Thai Baht per person.

This means your trip to Thailand just got cheaper by 4,400 Rupees (2,000 Baht).

The move is aimed at boosting tourism revenues.

The official notification is posted below..

Time to pack you bags guys.

BorderTribe wishes you Smooth Travels

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