Is your Passport Travel-Ready?

Keep these things in mind for Hassle-Free Foreign Travel

Imagine this

You have planned the perfect international vacation on your own. You have put in countless hours of research, and have made all the bookings.

But a few days before the trip while scanning through the travel docs, you notice that your passport is about to expire soon.

Oh Boy !!!

You panic and, start the stressful journey of figuring out how to get your passport renewed before the trip. Meaning Rs. 4,000 extra for a Tatkal passport renewal, travel to your hometown etc.

Here are some basic requirements when it comes to Foreign Travel:

1) Your Passport should valid for at-least 6 months from date of return from Foreign destination. Even if the foreign country does not mandate this, most Airlines will refuse to board you if you don’t pass this criteria.

 2) Your passport should have one or two blank pages. The immigration guys need some space to do their job guys.

 3) Your passport should not have an ECR (“Emmigration clearance Required”) stamp. This stamp will be present on your passport if your passport was issued before you cleared your 10th Exam/ College (varies on the year it was issued).

If your passport has an ECR stamp, you would require special permission from the Indian government to travel to selected countries. Best to get this rectified as soon as possible.

We personally know many travelers who had to go through last-minute stress, and a few who couldn’t even make the trip, due to non-compliance on the above.

It is surprising how many of us stash our passports in a corner after a trip, and forget about it until the next trip.

Apart from the disappointment, there are also monetary losses from non-refundable bookings.
Its worse if you figure this out only once you reach the Airport, on the day of your trip.

The Solution:

1) Renew you passport well before it crosses the “six months to expiry” date. Keep track of the date and mark it in your calendar if required.

This way, you can plan your trip whenever you wish, and can take advantage of deals and offers if any in time.

2) Alarm bells should ring when the immigration guy complaints that your passport has no real estate for his stamps. 

3) Scan through all your travel docs about a two weeks before the trip, and make sure everything is in order. 

Check the expiry date on your passport now.

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