Sri Lanka E-Visa

Step by Step Procedure for obtaining a Sri Lanka E-Visa, for Indian Tourists

Visa Fee

20 USD
(approx. Rs. 1,400)


30 days from date of entry


Return Ticket

Other Requirements

Proof of funds
(No specific amount mentioned)

Step 1: Documents

1) Original Passport: Should have minimum 6 months validity from travel date.

2) Copy of your return tickets.

3) Proof of Funds: There is basically the amount you need to carry to cover your expenses during the trp. The Sri Lankan government doesn’t specify a specific amount. Just keep enough.

4) It is advisable to keep a copy of your accommodation booking with you although its not mandatory.

Step 2: Online Application

1) Go to This is the official website of the Sri Lankan Website

2) Choose your language and click Apply

3) Fill up the application with the required information such as Name, DOB, Passport details and other travel details

Step 3: Payment & Submission

1) Make Visa Fee Payment of USD 20 online and submit application to receive an acknowledgement

Step 4: Visa Approval

1) You should receive the E-Visa or ETA approval via email shortly.

2) You can check the status on the website using the acknowledgement number. 

3) Present the ETA approval at the Immigration upon arrival in Sri Lanka to enter the country.

Sri Lanka E-Visa acknowledgement
Sri Lanka E-Visa approval

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