3 cool benefits of using a foldable backpack

3 cool benefits of using a foldable backpack

What are they

Day packs, Collapsible backpacks...they are known by different names.

But the deal is simple.

It is a compact backpack that can be collapsed into a much smaller packable version.

Foldable Backpack

Here's how the foldable backpack will benefit you

1) They are perfect for day-trips

Trolley bags and regular sized backpacks are good for long distance travel.

But you don't want to lug these around during day trips.

Once you reach your destination, what you really need is a light daypack just for your essentials (sunscreen, towel, passport, phone, camera etc)

Compact and light weight foldable daypacks are the answer.

2) You can do an entire trip with just your trolley bag

Many a times, we are forced to carry a backpack because we need it for our day trips.

Here is an alternative.

Just carry a foldable backpack in your trolley bag.

Once you reach your destination, unfold and use it for your day trips, and pack it back after use.

Foldable Daypack

3) You can protect your regular backpack from damage

More often than not, the regular backpacks we use are a bit fancy to undergo wear and tear. 

Do you really want to take your regular backpack to the beach or on a hike, and dirty it/ spoil it?

The solution? A foldable backpack that you can pack and carry in your regular backpack.

Smooth Travels!


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