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Travel Towel | Microfiber | Quick Dry & Super Absorbent

Travel Towel | Microfiber | Quick Dry & Super Absorbent

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Compact, Quick Dry, and Super Absorbent

You'll never pack a wet towel again

Super compact. Will not occupy too much luggage space.

Absorbs much better than those thin cotton towels

Super-soft microfiber material.

Large Sized as a regular bath towel.

Comes with an attached Elastic loop for rolling up, and a Mesh Cover for storing when wet.

Long lasting - Minimum 500 washes

Customer Reviews

Based on 262 reviews
Compact and Soft Microfiber Towel but extremely useful

As someone who travels a lot, I've always struggled packing my towel because it's usually the last thing i remember on the list and it ends up being carried separately usually crammed up in any of my backpacks. I've been looking for a compact and effective towel to carry while traveling. The effectiveness is that it should be big but i should be able to fold it in such a way it doesn't take much space in my luggage either. BorderTribe offers the perfect solution for that. I'd say it's bang for the buck as it easily solves that problem. The material is premium microfiber quality as well which really dries up faster than your ordinary towels.

Too Good

Too Good

Product is good and very useful for travel

Good and useful for travel

Quality is good

Quality is good

Great product

above my expectations

Highly recommended

pleased with purchase It's lightweight lint free soft towels that are easy to wash and dry. Likh to diya mere robot bhai

Thank you very much for your kindwords

  • Supereasy to Pack and Carry

    This Travel Towel is so compact it'll fit into even the smallest backpacks. Large size but weighs less than 200 g.

  • Super Absorbent

    Absorbs 5 times more water than a regular towel. No more repeated drying and patting.

  • Quick Dry - Never pack a wet towel again

    Ever had to pack a wet towel? Hate it right? No more. This Travel Towel dries in less than 30 minutes.

  • Excellent Microfiber towel

    It's the best thing I purchased for my recent travel, it's better than the decathlon one - Shyama S

  • Great addition to my Backpack

    Good quality, light weight, easy to carry, this is what you want to have in your backpack while traveling. Great product altogether - Karthik C

  • Worth every penny

    Super absorbent towel at an affordable price..A good product to buy... worth every penny - Rajib

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  • Super-handy when outdoors

    Whether you're heading to the beach or the waterfall, it'll be quite handy

  • It's Personal to You

    Do you cringe at towels provided at hotels/ hostels? This one is personal to you. It is super-soft and Lint-free too.

  • Is it Returnable

    Yes, Within 7 days of delivery in unused condition.

  • Is COD Available

    Yes, COD is available for order values of upto Rs. 4,000

  • What is your refund policy

    100% refund back to source of payment (Bank account/ Credit Card/ Wallet)

  • Where do you ship from?

    All our products are shipped from Chennai, India


Material: Microfiber Polyester Blend with polyester cover
Quantity: 1 no
Thread Count: 200 gsm
Size: Large, 150 cm x 70 cm
Weight: 200 gm
Country of Origin: China
Date of Mfg. & Import: May-23
Marketed by:
Kraftwell Ventures,
126, Valluvar Kottam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India, 600034

Why We Do What We Do

Because we believe that Travel Should be Hassle-Free. Period.

Why should wet towels, packing problems, shampoo explosions and such come between you and that trip you put so much effort into planning.

We make sure that your trips are hassle-free.

So that you can focus on the important thing; Having Amazing Travel Experiences

Smooth Travels !