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Waterproof Mobile Cover

Waterproof Mobile Cover

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Water Proof cell phone cover

Water proof up to 20 meters.
Ultra clear with high touch capability.
Loop for hanging around neck, and band for attaching around arm.
2 sizes:
Medium: For Phones with display upto 5.2 Inch (e.g. IPhone 6,7,8)
Large: For phone with display of 6.5 Inch and above (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S10, IPhone XR, XS, 11)

Customer Reviews

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Great product and I will surely recommend to others.

  • No problems if you accidentally drop your phone in the water.

    Is the safety of your phone nagging you, and preventing you from having a good time on the beach, swimming pool, or a monsoon trip? No more. This phone case is 100% water proof up to 20 m depth, and will take that worry of your mind.

  • You can text and talk in water

    That’s right. You can use your phone to access your favorite, apps, send a message or make a voice call whether its raining hard or you’re just kayaking.

  • Capture photos and videos worry-free

    Capture the best moments of your trip using this waterproof mobile case without worrying about damaging your phone.
    You can even use it to take photos and videos with the phone underwater.

  • Was super useful for my Thailand Trip - Nishit

    I used this waterproof mobile case for beach hopping in Krabi. It worked wonderfully.

  • Essential for monsoon treks - Nandini

    A waterproof mobile cover is essential for my frequent monsoon trips. This one works well even in heavy rain.

  • Loved it - Raghav

    Very useful if you want to use your phone in the pool.

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  • Fail-Safe locking mechanism for preventing water ingress

    Drop your phone in the case and lock it using the multiple fail safe mechanisms provides.

  • Attach it to your arm of hang it around the neck

    Not only is your phone protected, you can be guaranteed you won’t lose it in the water.

  • Is it Returnable

    Yes, Within 7 days of delivery in unused condition.

  • Is COD Available

    Yes, COD is available for order values of upto Rs. 4,000

  • What is your refund policy

    100% refund back to source of payment (Bank account/ Credit Card/ Wallet)

  • Where do you ship from?

    All our products are shipped from Chennai, India


Quantity: 1 No.
Waterproof Up to 20 m.
Cover: PVC
Size Guide:
Medium: For Phones with size up to 6 inches: (e.g. All Iphone models excl. Plus or Pro Max or XS Max, )
Large: For phone with size 6 Inch and above (e.g. Iphone pro max, plus or XS models)
Country of Origin: China
Date of Mfg. & Import: Oct-19
Marketed by Kraftwell Ventures,
126, Valluvar Kottam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai,
TN, India, 600034

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