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Toiletry Bottle - Silicone (Set of 3)

Toiletry Bottle - Silicone (Set of 3)

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Set of 3 Silicone Toiletry Bottles in different sizes

Super squeezable, compact, and leak proof toiletry bottles made of high quality Silicone.
Comes in 3 sizes and 2 different colors.

Customer Reviews

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Mahima S.

Guys thanks for the freebie toiletry bottle along with the travel towels. Loved it. Excellent quality. Placing order for one set.




Great product.

  • No more wasting luggage space

    Why carry bulky shampoo bottles for a 3 days trip. You’re not gonna use all of it anyway. Just pour the required amount into these compact travel shampoo bottles, and carry them instead. They are washable and reusable. And will easily fit inside your toiletry bag.

  • No more shampoo explosions

    Worried about your toiletries leaking, and messing up everything else in your bag? These toiletry bottles for travel are leakproof (unlike your regular bottles that toiletries come in). Peace of mind guaranteed.

  • Clearing Airport security will feel like a walk in the park.

    Airport security guys can’t stop you with the “100 ml bottle” rule anymore. These set of 3 bottles (88 ml, 65 ml, and 50 m) are designed so that they are allowed in your hand bag.

  • Love how useful it is

    Guys I won one piece in a give-away, and ordered 1 set cause I really loved how useful it is.

  • Very handy especially for flight travel

    I often travel with just my cabin bag. These help me carry just the required amount of sunscreen, and moisturiser. I have not trouble at Airport security check.

  • Better than similar plastic bottles.

    Better than the cheap plastic travel bottles that are hard to squueze and leak sometimes. This one is much better quality.

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  • Perfect for day trips, or when you are commuting.

    Whether it’s a day trip where you need quick access to your sunscreen, or a flight/bus journey where you need your moisturiser frequently, these boys will come in handy.

  • Super Squeezable – Quick Access and Minimum Wastage

    Unlike plastic bottles, silicone is easily squeezable. Makes it super easy to quickly access your toiletries. Even that last bit lying at the bottom will come out with a gentle squeeze. Thus, minimizing wastage.

  • Is it Returnable

    Yes, Within 7 days of delivery in unused condition.

  • Is COD Available

    Yes, COD is available for order values of upto Rs. 4,000

  • What is your refund policy

    100% refund back to source of payment (Bank account/ Credit Card/ Wallet)

  • Where do you ship from?

    All our products are shipped from Chennai, India


Quantity: 1 Set of 3 Nos
Small: 50 ml (Light Blue)
Medium:65 ml (Light Blue)
Large: 88 ml (Orange)
Body: Silicone
Cap: Plastic
Country of Origin: China
Date of Mfg. & Import: Oct-19
Marketed by Kraftwell Ventures,
126, Valluvar Kottam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai,
TN, India, 600034

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