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We believe that Real Travel is about experiences. Its about tasting the local food, meeting local people and learning stories untold. It is about experiences and exploration as opposed to generic group tours, and selfies in front of popular landmarks.

It is on one of these trips that we fell in love with Travel Accessories.

It all began while we were passing through security at Phnom Penh Airport in Cambodia. We were on a backpacking trip across South East Asia.
That’s when we happened to glance at the open suitcase of a fellow backpacker. It looked unusual. Neatly packed stylish compartments instead of the usual mess. That was the first time ever that we came across the packing cube, a very useful Travel Accessory.
Since then, we have fallen in love with all kinds of Travel Accessories. Its a love affair that is still going strong.

packing cubes

We make Travel Hassle-Free

We want you to experience the same joy and comfort that these accessories have given us. BorderTribe Travel Accessories help make your trips hassle- free, so that you can focus on the important thing – Having Amazing Experiences.

Smooth Travels!