Airport Travel Tips

7 Clever Airport Hacks every traveller should know

Travel is Fun, but journeys are often hard. And the hardship often starts at the Airport.

Everything from check-in, to security check, and over priced stuff are non-fun parts of the journey.

Here are some really cool hacks to make your time at the airport a lot easier.

Airport Travel Tips Water Bottle

1) Carry an empty water bottle

You probably think this is a cliche, but this is a super-useful tip especially on international trips.

Carry it empty through security check, and fill it afterwards (most airports have a water cooler near the boarding gates).

A water bottle is also super useful when walking between gates (while transiting) that are far apart.

2) Stand behind business class travellers in queues

These guys travel so often that they are pros at it. They always have their documents in order, and spend minimum time at security checks, and check-in counters.

Stand behind these guys, and you'll notice the line moving pretty fast.

Airport Travel Hacks 2

3) Find out where the airport staff dines

Tired of over priced airport food? Well, outside every airport is a joint where the airport staff dines.

It's usually not that easy to find. But if you do find it, you'll notice that the food tastes way better and is reasonably priced.

4) Use packing cubes at the security check

Take a spare packing cube and empty all the stuff on you (wallet, cell phone, etc) in to it. Now drop the cube in the tray, and send it through the machine.

Collect the cube at the other end. Super easy. This is a great way to whiz through security checks, and make sure you leave nothing behind.

Airport Travel Hacks

5) Google your boarding gate no

Every stood waiting in front of the flatscreen for your boarding gate to show up?

Well, just google your flight number. 

Google usually knows the boarding gate number even before it comes up on the TVs.

6) Pick a security check that is farthest to the left

Studies show that most people when faced with multiple queues, take the one on the right hand side.

The queues on the left side see less traffic. Pick a security check on the left side to pass through quicker.

Airport Travel Tips 3

7) Park your car at the airport for short trips

It's probably cheaper and way more convenient to drive your car to the airport, and just pay overnight airport parking fee, rather than take taxis back and forth.

Consider this option the next time you take a weekend trip.

That's all folks. Hope these tips make your time at the airport more easier.

Smooth Travels !

Team BorderTribe

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