A few tips for your next Andaman trip

A few tips for your next Andaman trip

So you are all set to leave for Andaman eh? Nice pick

Get ready for a lot of fun on this island destination. In the meanwhile, here are a few travel tips on Andaman that you may not find elsewhere.

a) Andaman is not Goa:

We've met many a travellers who go to Andaman expecting a Goa like vibe filled with clubbing and partying. If this is your expectation, you will be dissapointed. 

The Andamans is a quite laid back island destination. The beauty of it is mostly natural. The best things to do are to visit beaches, go snorkelling, scuba diving, trekking etc.

b) Andaman is not cheap

While it is part of India, remember that it is an island destination. Everything that's available comes from mainland India (or even Thailand for that matter).

We are not saying it is expensive. But the prices are comparable to that in an Indian Metro

Here is a flavour of how much food costs in Andaman (obtained from numbeo - a worldwide cost of living aggregator)

Andaman cost of food

c) Be sure to book ferry tickets in advance

If you are planning to travel between island (port blair - Havelock Island - Neil island), it is advisable to book the ferry tickets in advance. They can get sold out pretty quickly especially during peak season.

d) You can plan the trip yourself

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to go through an agent to do a trip to the Andamans. You can very well plan it yourself. Just make sure you do good reasearch. All the info you want is available online.

e) Fun Fact: Andaman is closer to Burma and Thailand than India


If you want a complete video guide on planning a trip to the Andaman, check out this video by Savvy Fernweh below


BorderTribe Wishes you Smooth Travels!

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