Your next Bangalore Trip: Keep these in mind

Your next Bangalore Trip: Keep these in mind

Bangalore Trip

So you are off to Bangalore eh? The land of Gardens and Pubs.

Well, here are a few tips for your Bangalore Adventure.

a) Don't forget to carry a jacket or sweater

One can't really tell when the temperature drops in Bangalore. This is true especially for night times.

Quite handy if you are travelling by train/ bus too.

Bonus points if your jacket/ sweater can handle light rains (common in Bangalore). 

b) Pack your Moisturising Cream, and your Lip Balm

The weather in Bangalore is pretty dry. Make sure you carry moisturising cream and lip balm to avoid dry skin, and cracked lips 

c) Be sure to carry headphones

Are you planning to travel around in bangalore? Highly likely that you are going to spend considerable time in traffic (Bangalore traffic is world famous)

Make sure you don't forget your earphones/ head phones at home. Also, load your phone/ tablet with some good content you can watch on the road.

d) Here are a few essential words in Kannada to help you out

Namasakara: Hello

Channagidinni: I am fine

Baruthe: I know/ will come

Ninu/ Nim/ Ni: You

Yelli: Where

Yeshtu: How much


Hegidira: How are you?

Gothilla: Don't know

Nannu/ Num: I/ Me

Maadi: Do it

Eke: Why

Yavaga: When 

Enu: What

e) Here is a map of the Bangalore Metro incase you plan to take it


That is all from our end. Have an awesome Bangalore trip.

Bordertribe wishes you Smooth Travels!

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