Foldable Backpack

Bet you didn't know these benefits of the Foldable Backpack

Did you know that the foldable backpack was invented by mountaineers. Yes those guys who hike with huge rucksacks on their backs in extreme weather.

But why would they need a foldable backpack?

Well, once the climber reaches the base of the summit, he/she needs a small light weight bag to climb to the peak. Something that has space for all essentials, but is not heavy.

As they say, necessity is the mother of all invention.

Enter, the Light Weight, Durable, Foldable and Packable Backpack.

A large enough, but compact and light weight bag that can be folded and packed easily.

Benefits of the Foldable Backpack

1) It is perfectly sized for a daypack

The normal sized backpacks we carry are large, heavy and hence not suitable for day-trips. The foldable backpack is perfectly sized to hold your daytrip essentials such as Towel, Water Bottle, Sunscreen, camera etc.

It is also extremely light weight so that you can carry it around with ease on day trips, hikes etc.

BorderTribe Foldable Travel Backpak

2) You can do an entire trip with just one bag

We often end up carrying a small backpack just for out daytrips. Pack a foldable backpack in your main bag instead.

Unfold it and use it on your daytrips.

BorderTribe Foldable backpack

Pack it back after use. So convenient.

     BorderTribe Foldable Travel Backpack

    3) You can protect your main backpack from wear and tear

    Is your main backpack a nice expensive one? Why spoil and dirty it on daytrips or hikes.

    Just use a foldable backpack instead. Leave your primary backpack safely in the hotel/ hostel.

    How to choose a good foldable backpack

    Just keep in mind the following:

    a) Durability 

    You are going to be folding and unfolding it multiple times.

    Also, it is going to face the wear and tear of your entire day trip.

    Make sure the bag you choose is capable of withstanding the above.

    b) Light Weight

    Good bags weigh close to 250 to 300 gm. Anything less than this and either the bag is too small or the material is flimsy.

    c) Lots of slots/ separations

    While you are out on daytrips, you will be carrying numerous small items that you need to retrieve and put back quickly,

    It helps if the bag has different slots/separations for stuff such as bottles, towels, documents, sunglasses etc.

    d) Easily foldable and unfoldable

    This is crucial. The unfolding part is usually easy. It's the folding that we find is a challenge with most bags in the market.

    Buy a bag with strong and smooth zippers. This will make folding and unfolding easy.

    BorderTribe Foldable Backpack

    e) Fashionable

    Raise your hand if you agree that looking good on a holiday is important.

    We are not mountaineers. While we expect our bag to be durable and light weight, we also need it to be fashionable.

    Being Travelers like you, we have experienced travel problems first hand. 

    BorderTribe Foldable Backpacks are designed based on these first hand travel experiences.

    We are sure they will make your vacations wonderful.

    Smooth Travels!

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