The Ultimate Goa Packing List: Essentials + everything else

The Ultimate Goa Packing List: Essentials + everything else

Yayyy.... Beach Vacation

So you are off to Goa eh? Awesome. Started packing yet?

If you are anything like most people, packing is the "not so fun" part of the trip for you.

Worry not. Here is an ultimate goa packing list to make your trip hassle-free.

1) Goa Essentials

The absolute essential things to carry to Goa regardless of your age, gender etc

  1. Mirrored Sunglasses: The most obvious one among things to carry for Goa trip
  2. Sunscreen: Way more important that you think it is
  3. Swim Wear: Don't go for a beach vacation without this :)
  4. A Hat/ Cap/ Umbrella: Protect yourself from the heat and avoid tanning and exhaution. If it rains, get wet and enjoy it :) You are on vacation.
  5. Ear/ Head Phones: Don't you forget these. You'll regret it.
  6. A light jacket/ hoodie/ sweat shirt: You never know when you need this.
  7. A Mask: Damn you Corona de Novella @#$%^&^*(^^
  8. A Sanitizer: This one was useful even when covid wasn't around
  9. A First Aid Kit: We recommend you carry it wherever you go
  10. Driving License (Original) &/or other ID Proof: Planning to hire a bike/ car aren't you? 
  11. Vaccination Certificate: Some establishments let in only fully vaccinated travellers these days.
  12. Medicines: Whatever you need
  13. Lip Balm: So your lips don’t get chapped from the salty wind. 
  14. Garbage Bag: Because we know you are environment conscious
  15. Re-usable water bottle: Because 70% of you is water :)

2) The great-to-have stuff

Some stuff that you need to add to your Goa packing list to massively improve the quality of your beach vacation:

  • A Travel Towel: A compact, easy to pack, and quickdry towel that you carry on your beach trips.
Goa Packing List Travel Towel
  • Light weight, waterproof flipflops: Makes it super easy to walk on the beach without hurting your feet.
  • A Dry Bag: Protect your stuff so that you have peace of mind when enjoying in the water.
  • A Laundry Bag: Life is way easier when you separate the good stuff from the bad.
  • A Water-Proof cellphone pouch: Waterbabies find this super-useful.
  • A Blue Tooth Speaker: How about some nice music on the beach at night
  • A Foldable Backpack: This one is easy to pack in your regular backpack/ suitcase. Perfect for day-trips.

3) For the Ladies

Ladies, add these to your Goa packing list

  • Comfy Dresses: Cotton is great to beat the heat. A nice dress too if you plan to go fine dining.
  • Footwear: Need something to match your dress don't you? Also carry a sport shoe if you plan to go hiking.
  • Tank Tops/ Cotton T-Shirts
  • Shorts/ Skirts
  • A pair of Jeans
  • A Sarong/ beach-coverup
  • Toiletries: Shampoo, Conditioner, moisturiser...the whole shebang. Use a hanging toiletry bag incase your bathroom does not have a counter.
  • Menstural stuff if it is that time of the month
  • PJs: For the lazy beakfasts

4) For the Men

Guys, here are the essental things to carry to Goa

  1. A pair of jeans
  2. Shorts: Show those calves (or baby cows if you havem)
  3. Cotton Tees/ Tank Tops
  4. Beach Shirts
  5. Dress Shoes: Make it match your beach shirt. Make sure they are comfortable to walk in. Also, sport shoes if you plan to get adventurous.
  6. PJs: Because the women are carrying them :) 
  7. Toiletries and Shaving Kit: Use a hanging toiletry bag incase your bathroom does not have a counter.
That is all folks. BorderTribe wishes you a wonderful beach vacation filled with Sun, Sand and Fun. 

Smooth Travels !


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