Packing list for your Himachal Trip

Packing list for your Himachal Trip

So you've got a trip to Himachal coming up? Great. We hope you have a fun time.

But you know what's not so fun? Packing (Unless you are one of those rare travellers who love packing).

Anyway, we got you covered. Here is a neat packing list for your Himachal Trip.

1) Documents

While all of us carry a basic government issued identity proof on us for every trip, that may not be enough during these covid times.

Goes without saing that you should have your vaccination certificate on you. Save it in PDF on your phone for easy access.

Also carry a copy of your itinerary just in case (you know booking and stuff). Will prove useful if you are asked to show it at some check point or the other.

2) Luggage Locks

Many of us go searching for a luggage lock when packing on the day before the trip. Luggage locks are pretty useful; especially when leaving your bag in the hostel room, cloak room etc.

You can easily get one at the department store near you or order it here at BorderTribe

3) A small torch

What if you are stuck on the road and there is not light? Happens more often than you think. 

Your cellphone light may not suffice. Get a small torch instead.

4) Sunglasses

This one is a no-brainer.

5) Re-usable water bottle

Let us try not to contribute to pollution from plastic bottles. Carry a re-usable one and fill it up at the hostel or hotel you are staying at.

6) Toiletries

The obvious ones are toothpaste, toothbrush, shaving razor etc.

However, don't forget the not so obvious ones such as sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, tissue papers, moisturising cream, toilet seat covers and wipes etc

Consider getting a toiletry bag if you don't have one. Especially one that you can hang in small bathrooms that don't have a counter. Makes life very easy.


7) Medicines

Absolutely essential. You don't wanna go searching for medicines in the unfortunate case that you become sick

8) A good mask

Not the surgical or cloth masks that are commonly found. But a good mask that offer adequate protection. Better to be safe than sorry.

9) Woolen Clothing

Don't want to get in to the details here. But you know the drill. Sweaters, Jackets, socks, mufflers, scarves...whatever you need depending on the weather.

Keep in mind to dress in layers rather than wear thick clothing. This way you can adjust to change in weather easily by shedding a few layers.

Also you may wanna pack rain-protection clothing if the weather demands it.

10) The Travel Towel

Man we almost forgot this one. 

Something that is highly compact and quick drying (essential for the cold weather).

The BorderTribe Travel Towel comes to mind :)

11) Camera, Laptop, phones chargers, earphones and other electronics

No explanation needed here we are guessing.

12) A first aid kit

Nothing too fancy. Just your usual band aids, antiseptics etc.

That is all the essentials we can think of. 

Wishing you a wonderful trip to the mountains

13) A Foldable Backpack

You may not wanna carry around your large backpack wherever you go. It's too heavy and bulky. Also why expose it to the wear and tear of day trips.

Carry a foldable backpack instead. Carry it in your main backpack, unfold and use for day trip, fold it back and pack it when done.

Smooth Travels!

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