Your next Goa Trip: Make it offbeat and fun

Your next Goa Trip: Make it offbeat and fun

Is that Goa trip you're waiting for coming close? Counting days already?

Sun, Sand, Party, Fenny... there are enough reasons to be in high spirits right?

That typical goa trip consists of hitting the beaches of baga and Calangute, visiting the clubs, and probably climbing up to Chapora Fort.

But that is not all Goa has to offer.

Here are some offbeat recommendations from personal experience for your upcoming Goa trip.

a) Stay away from the city centers of Baga and Calangute. They are really noisy and crowded.


Consider staying at the less crowded locations such as ArambolVagator, Morjim etc. You can enjoy some peace and quiet here, and the beaches are less crowded. You can always head to Baga or Calangute if you feel like. They are nearby.

If you are not into the party scene at all, go to the south of Goa. It is much more peaceful.

b) Head to the beaches in the early mornings or late evenings to avoid the heat.

Goa can get really hot and sunny when you visit. But don’t let that spoil our trip.

  • Wake up early morning at around 6 AM and explore the beaches (best time to visit as it won't be crowded).
  • Come back to the hotel at 10 AM. Have the sumptuous breakfast buffet, and then take a nap.
  • Wake up by around 3 PM, have a late lunch, and head out again. 
  • Close the day with a nice dinner or a party at a club (we recommend Thalassa, a waterside greek taverna in Siolim). Reach here before sunset. "Purple" in Anjuna is also pretty good. 

Thalassa goa

c) Recommended Places to eat

Here are our best recommendations based on personal experience.

i) The Authentic Goan Thali at Vinayak, Assagao. You won't find a more tasty, value for money meal.
ii) Hit the Noronhas Food truck in Assagao run by three goan Brothers for home cooked, well priced, exclusively non-veg food. The Chorizos are amazing here. 
iii) Baba Au Rumh in Anjuna, has a really cool vibe along with awesome continental food. The breakfast here is quite popular.
iv) Garden of Dreams, Arambol: The ambience is do die for :) These guys shut down in the summer months though.

d) Things to do

The usual stuff to do is water sports, parties and just lazing on the beach.   

But if you are into offbeat experiences, you cannot go wrong with soul travelling Goa. 

They take you to the less explored side of Goa with island trips, nature walks, waterfall trips, culture tours. etc

It is true when they say that Goa is not a destination, but a state of mind.

We wish you loads of sun, sand, and fun on your next Goa trip.

Smooth Travels!


Team BorderTribe

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