The Right Way to use Packing Cubes for Travel

The Right Way to use Packing Cubes for Travel

I'm sure you are familiar with packing cubes. If you aren't any chance, you may wanna read our blog post on the

Benefits of using Packing cubes for Travel

For those of you who regularly use packing cubes, how exactly do you use them?

Do you stack clothes in them one on top of the other like you do in your cupboard.

Like this?

Packing cubes for Travel
While this may seem like the most sensible way to pack, it is inefficient because

a) It wrinkles the clothes are they move one over the other

b) It wastes a lot of space

c) It is difficult find the clothes you need, and access them.

The right way to pack in a packing cube is to roll your clothes and stack then side by side.

Like this.

Packing Cubes for Travel

Want more proof? Here is a video demonstration

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Packing Cubes for Travel - BorderTribe
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