Thailand Packing List

Thailand Packing List for Indians | Tried & Tested in 2024

So you're all excited for your upcoming Thailand Trip? This Thailand Packing List will be your saviour.

The trip date is nearing, and it's time for you to start thinking about packing. The less exciting part of the trip right?

And it's not just the physical effort.

I mean, you have to put a lot of thought into preparing a Thailand Checklist

Did I pack enough stuff, what am I missing that is important?.

So we decided to make use of our personal travel experience, and prepare for you the Ultimate Thailand Packing Checklist

So that you can have a stress-free wonderful trip.

This guide is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1: Thailand Packing List

Part 2: Luggage Selection

Part 3: How to pack for a Thailand Trip

Let's start with Part 1

Part 1: List of things to carry for Thailand Trip

a) Clothes for travelling in Thailand

While visiting temples and other sacred places:

There aren't too many clothing restrictions in Thailand considering it is not a conservative country.

The only places where you may face some issue is when visiting temples.

E.g Shorts may not be allowed for both men and women, and you maybe expected to cover your shoulders (no sleeveless)

It is also safe to carry a scarf of so to cover your head incase the requirement arises.

While Sight Seeing

Regular stuff such as shorts, pants, tank tops, dresses and sleeveless t shirts works. Not a problem at all. 

Pick what you find most convenient.

The only advise we'd give women is to not wear something too revealing (e.g. low cut cleavages), to avoid stares.

Pick loose fitting breathable materials that dries quickly, and keeps you cool.

You don't need any warm clothing as Thailand almost never gets cold.

On the beach

Anything except skimpy stuff goes.

That means men can wear regular swimming trunks and women can wear 2 piece bikinis provided they are not out of the ordinary.

Here are the Thailand travel essentials you need to pack.

  • Jacket/ Travel Blanket:  A light one incase of heavy air-conditioning on the flight.
  • T-Shirts/ Tops: One for each day of the trip + 1 as backup
    • Thin collarless T-shirts are a good option as they are light weight, and easy to pack.
    • One sports T-Shirt just in case.
  • Shirts/ Dresses: One dressy shirt/ dress for a night out/ clubbing/ fine dining.
  • 1 pair of dark colored jeans.
    • Wear this on the way and back to lighten your suitcase.
    • This will also serve you well in case you have no other options (baggage delay, baggage lost etc.).
  • A couple of shorts or light weight trousers: One for every 2 days of the trip (e.g. 5 nos for a 10 day trip)
  • Swimwear:  Depends on how much time you'll be spending on the beach or pool.
  • Socks: Again, how many depends on how often you intend to wear shoes vs sandals/ flipflops.
  • Inner-wear: One for each day of the trip + 1 as backup
  • Indoor Wear: You can use these for hitting the  breakfast buffet ,or just lounging around in you room. Assuming you are not gonna spend too much time indoors, here is what you'll need for a 7 day trip.
    • Top Wear: Light T shirts or other tops - max. 3-4 nos
    • Bottom Wear: Pajamas' or shorts - max 2-3 nos

Foot Wear

  • Sneakers are pretty useful: Carry one that you are already used to to avoid shoe bites.
  • Flip Flops: A must have if you are planning to hit the beach. Also useful while moving around indoors.
  • Party Wear Footwear: The ladies usually don't go without this. Men are happy to manage with the sneakers.

The above lists (clothing and footwear) has been compiled for the summer traveler.

But Thailand never gets cold in our experience. Do check the weather before travelling though.


Thailand has awesome street food, and even the hotels buffets have a good spread.

But its always advisable to carry some quick go-to foods for mid-night cravings

  • Cup-Maggi and other read to cook/ eat foods
  • Instant Tea powders: Lets face it. Some of us love our Garam Indian Masala Chai.
  • Dry fruits: Convenient to carry, and healthy too. 

Other items

Few other Thailand Travel Essentials

  • A Cap or Hat
  • A scarf (for women): Just in case 
  • Moisturizing Cream
  • Headphones/ Earphones
  • Sunscreen & Sunglasses
  • Lip Balm
  • Travel Plug or Adapter
  • Medicines
  • Deodorant/ Perfume (within 100 ml preferably) 
  • Travel PIllow: For catching a good nights sleep on the flight, and arriving refreshed.
  • Water Bottle: All Airports water stations. Refill it there.
  • Travel towel: Some thing that is personal, light weight, quick-drying and easy to pack.
Quick Dry Travel Towel

Waterproof mobile cover

Let's go to Part 2

Part 2: What type of luggage should you carry to Thailand?

Well, it depends

Option 1: Do you think you can travel with just a backpack?

The reason we are asking this question is that it is so much easier to travel with just a backpack.

Here are the benefits:

a) No waiting at the baggage carousel for your check-in bag

b) No worry about delayed baggage/ baggage loss

c) Easy to move and travel (especially through public transport)

That said, there are many obstacles on the way.

For starters, the carry-on baggage allowance on most airlines that fly from India to Thailand is only 7 kgs per person.

See screenshot below

Thailand Travel Checklist

And most of the airlines enforce this. It's not uncommon to see carry-on bags getting weighed at the boarding gate.

While many airlines permit 2 bags as carry-on, the combined weight cannot exceed 7 kg.

Here is a sample of the weights and dimensions for Air Asia Flights to Bangkok.

Thailand Travel Checklist

To be honest, It's not easy to fit all your stuff within 7 kgs.

But can it be done? Absolutely

But you would need to make a few sacrifices. For e.g. you'll have to leave your laptop at home as that alone weighs around 2 kg.

And it requires some skill/ experience.

If this is not for you, what's the next best option?

Option 2: Buy additional carry-on baggage allowance

A few airlines permit this and it does not cost much.

For. eg. You can buy an additional 7 kg allowance on Air Asia Flights as mentioned on their website below.

Thailand Checklist

This way you can enjoy all the benefits of travelling without check-in baggage.

Option 3: Carry an additional check-in baggage

Budget airlines (e.g. Air Asia) charge you additional for this.
Regular Airlines (Indigo) include 15 kg check-in as part of the standard fare.

Incase you are flying via a budget airlines, take a call on whether to purchase check-in baggage, or additional carry on baggage based on the pricing and your convenience.

Keep in mind that you may have to make the purchases for all legs of your journey (incl. within Thailand Flight Travel).

If you do decide to opt for an additional check-in bag, keep in mind the following:

Your carry-on backpack can be a small or medium size one that can hold all your use-on-the-go items (e.g. earphones) and your valuables (e.g. wallet, passport etc.).

You can even achieve this with a cross body/ sling bag.

However, a small backpack is preferred as it can double as your daypack. I can be your go-to-bag for all your day trip stuff such as sunscreen, beach towels, valuables, etc.

foldable/ packable backpack is also a good choice. Pack it in your check-in bag. Use it for day trips, pack it back after use.

Part 3: How to Pack for a trip to Thailand

Now that you know what to pack, we're gonna tell you how to pack all of them in your bags.

This one is assuming you carry a medium backpack and an additional check-in bag.

Wear the Jeans, Sneakers, and the light jacket during travel to save space and weight.

Attach the Travel Pillow to your backpack/ cabin bag using the loop 

Your Carry-on bag:

This one will hold all you valuables and essentials namely:

  • Documents (passport, insurance etc..),
  • Electronics
  • Essentials clothing for a day or 2: Incase of baggage delay (touchwood)
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel Plug/ Adapter
  • Toiletries for immediate use,
  • Medicines

Don't make this bag too heavy, as you'll have this bag on you most of the time.

Your 2nd carry-on/ check-in Bag:

Will hold everything else:

  • Clothing
  • Additional shoes if any.
  • All other items such as toiletry, accessories etc.

Hate unpacking you entire suitcase and searching long for your favorite T-Shirt?

One way to make this task easier is to use packing cubes. Travel organizers that can help you organize, and find the stuff you need quickly.

You could pack Tops, bottoms, inner-wear etc. in separate cubes for easy access.

Also your bag will look like this :)

Btw do carry all your toiletries in a toiletry bag. Makes it easier to manage them.

And don't worry if you forget to pack something. Bad things happen. Just go with the flow.

Just make sure that you have the required documentation, and money on you at all times.

Frequent Asked Questions

Q:  Can we carry medicines to Thailand?

Yes. No issues. However, please also carry prescriptions just in case.

Q: What to wear to Thailand Temples?

Men: Pants and T-Shirts/ Shirts with sleeves

Women: Clothing that covers shoulders and below the knee

Q: Should I take jeans to Thailand?

It is advisable to carry one pair of jeans on any trip. Wear it instead of packing it.

Q: Can we use an Indian charger in Thailand

2 pin plugs will work without an adapter. 3 pin plugs need an adapter.

And that's everything you need to know regarding packing for your Thailand Trip.

Have a good one.

BTW, have you read our guide on how to budget (ie calculate expenses) for a foreign trip? Click here to check it out now.

Smooth Travels!

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