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7 Things You Must Do Before Your Next International Trip

Stepping out for that much awaited foreign vacation? Get these absolute must dos sorted. Everything else can be handled on the road.

1) Documents:

Make sure that your passport has no damages, and has a validity of at least 6 months from your date of return.

Also do ensure that the details on your visa approval (passport no, name etc), match that of your passport. You don't wanna be running around last minute for renewing it.

Cannot stress these enough. We've met plenty of travelers who were denied boarding, and had to return home disappointed due to this.

2) Money:

things to do before going abroad


Inform your bank and your credit card company that you are travelling abroad.

Banks and CC companies often flag out-of-the-ordinary foreign transactions as fraud, and block your account/ card.

Keep them informed, and you won't have money problems abroad.

Carry some USD. It is accepted everywhere.

3) Connectivity:

Whether you are planning to use your India sim or a foreign sim, or just wifi, get it sorted before you leave.

Connectivity is super important. Even the bank may contact you to verify transactions.

Now that you have the big three covered, lets move on to other essential ones.

4) Medicines

things to do before international trip

It is usually difficult to get medicines abroad (need prescription/ not available).

Make sure you carry all the medicines you need, and make sure they are in your carry-on bag (what if your check-in bag is lost/ delayed).

Also ensure you have prescriptions for all medicines you carry (many countries require it)

5) Web check-in for your flight

Super-important. All good seats get taken earlier (especially on long flights).

You don't want to be stuck for 10 hours in a middle seat.

6) Send a copy of your itinerary to your close friends/ relatives

Always a good idea to keep your loved ones informed where you're going and what you'll be doing.

7) Secure your home

Switch-off the gas and electric appliances at home to avoid exigencies.
Hand over the keys to your home, and your car to a trusted party to handle any emergencies.
That's it guys. These will help you avoid major headaches during your foreign trip.

Smooth Travels !

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