Things you need at the Beach

Things you need at the Beach

Things you need at the beach


So you're headed to the beach? Niceeeee

Well, here are a list of the obvious ( and a few non-obvious) things you need at the beach

The ultimate beach packing list

  1. Mirrored Sunglasses: The most obvious one
  2. Sunscreen: Way more important that you think it is
  3. Swim Wear: Don't go for a beach vacation without this :)
  4. A Hat/ Cap/ Umbrella: Protect yourself from the heat and avoid tanning and exhaution. If it rains, get wet and enjoy it :) You are on vacation.
  5. A Sanitizer: This one was useful even when covid wasn't around
  6. Lip Balm: So your lips don’t get chapped from the salty wind. 
  7. Garbage Bag: Because you have high civic sense
  8. Food: We know you want to :)
  9. Re-usable water bottle: 70% of you is water :)
  10. A Travel Towel: Ofcourse we are biased :) . But face it guys, do you really want to pack a bulky towel that takes forever to dry?
Travel Towel
  • Light weight, waterproof flipflops: Makes it super easy to walk on the beach without hurting your feet.
  • A Dry Bag: Protect your stuff so that you have peace of mind when enjoying in the water.
  • A Water-Proof cellphone pouch: Waterbabies find this super-useful
Waterproof cellphone cover
  • A Blue Tooth Speaker: How about some nice music to go with the waves
  • A Sarong/ beach-coverup: This one is just for the ladies.
  • A Book

A few other non-obvious items you may wanna consider

  • A friend who hates the water: Who better to guard your stuff when you go in for a dip :P
  • A frisbee or a ball: Good timepass
  • A dog: No better companion for a beach trip
  • A cocktail: If you don't drink, buy one for your companion who is guarding your stuff. He/ She deserves it.
    That is all folks. BorderTribe wishes you a wonderful beach trip filled with Sun, Sand and Fun. 

    Smooth Travels !

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