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The Ultimate Travel Checklist for Indians | Complete list of things to pack for a trip

Pre-Travel Anxiety is real.

That's what we learned after talking to hundreds of travelers.

Almost all of them go through the following stages of anxiety when preparing for a trip.

1) Stage 1 - Building the Travel Checklist:

  • What are all the things I should pack for this trip?
  • I better start doing some research to make sure I don't miss anything important.
  • Let me make a travel packing list.

2) Stage 2 - Pre-Travel Shopping Panic:

  • OK I now have a list of things to carry while travelling.
  • But looks like I need to shop for a few of these items.
  • Need to make sure I have all these in hand before my trip.

3) Stage 3 - Packing Hassles: 

  • I need to make sure I don't forget to pack anything. 
  • Do I carry just a backpack, or do I need a check-in bag too?.
  • Will the airline let me carry this particular item in my handbag?
  • How am I going to fit all this stuff without going over the weight limit?

Are all these standing between you and that wonderful trip you've put so much effort into planning?

Worry not. I'll help you sort out each and every one of them.

This is Part 1: Building your Travel Checklist/ Packing List

Let us first build the travel essentials list.

These are items you need for every trip regardless of the destination.

1) Documents: 

  1. Photo ID with Address Proof: Carry an ID that has your address on it (Aadhar Card, Drivers License etc.) so that you don't need a separate ID for the same. 
  2. Any IDs you mentioned during bookings: E.g. Pan card incase Pan. number was mentioned during train ticket booking.
  3. Passport and Visa documents: For international trips only
  4. Original Drivers license: Incase you plan to drive at your destination.
  5. Health Documents: E.g. Yellow fever vaccination certificate when travelling to certain certain African countries.
  6. Print out of all your bookings: Very useful especially at the immigration counter.
  7. A list of all important phone numbers: Very handy if you lose your phone (touchwood).

2) Money:

  1. Credit Cards:
    • Safer to swipe compared to a debit card.
    • 2 cards are helpful if one doesn't work due to some reason.
    • A lot of establishments abroad don't accept debit cards.
  2. A Debit Card: For withdrawing cash only.
  3. Cash: USD incase you are travelling abroad as it is universally accepted.
  4. A Travel Card: For international travel only.
  5. For international travel, activate international usage on your credit card, and debit card in advance.

3) Connectivity:

  1. Not that big a deal if you are travelling within India.
  2. However, essential for international travel.
  3. Don't just depend on hotel-wifi. Make sure you have a sim that ensures you are reachable at any point in time.
  4. Banks may call you to confirm transactions. Family may contact you incase of emergencies

4) Medicines:

  1. Many of the medicines we buy over the counter (OTC) in India need prescriptions abroad.
  2. Even OTC medicines abroad are known by different names abroad.
  3. Carry any specialized medicines you are taking along with medicines for common ailments such as cough, cold, stomach upset etc.
  4. Also carry prescriptions of your medicines just in case.

That completes the travel necessities list

Let us now move on to the other items.

5) Electronics:

  1. Any electronic device you need + the charger
  2. For international trips, carry a country specific plug or an international travel adapter.

6) Clothing

Here is what most travelers recommend for trips up-to 10 days

  1. No of tops = No. of days of trip + 1 backup
  2. No of bottoms = Half the no. of days of the trip 
    • E.g. 5 bottoms for a 10 day trip (incl. one jeans)
  3. No of innerwear = No. of days of the trip + 1 back-up
  4. A swimwear: incase you are planning for water adventures.
  5. A light jacket or a travel blanket: You need these even when travelling to warm destinations to protect yourself from chilly air-conditioning.

7) Footwear

Here are the bare essentials

  1. A pair of flipflops/ sandals
  2. A pair of sneakers/ walking shoes
  3. Socks: Atleast equal to half the no. of days of your trip (e.g 5-6 pairs for a 10 day trip).

Any additions such as party shoes and trekking shoes are up to you based on need.

8) Accessories and others

  1. A Cap or a Hat if you expect real sunny weather
  2. Sunglasses are usually handy
  3. A water bottle: Remember, 70% of you is water :)

9) Toiletries

This one is can be a few or a lot depending on the person. But here are a few bare essentials

  1. Towel: We recommend a quickdry compact microfiber towel
  2. Comb: One that does not take up too much space
  3. Razor or Trimmer as per your need
  4. Shampoo and conditioner
  5. Lip Balm
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Moisturizer
  8. Tooth Brush
  9. Tooth Paste
  10. Perfume or Deodrant
  11. Other toiletries

That about sums it up. These are all the things to pack for a trip.

Keep in mind that these are the items that we identified after surveying hundreds of travelers regarding a 10 day generic trip.

Anything more that 10 days, and the list of things to take on a trip changes. Be prepared to do laundry too.

Also, this travel list will change incase your trip is a specialized one (e.g. hiking, camping, travelling to a very cold destination etc.)

Here is something else that is interesting.

We surveyed travelers on what are the items that they usually forget to pack for a trip. 

Answer the question below to see the results for yourself.

Smooth Travels!
Team BorderTribe

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