The Travel Towel will revolutionize the way you pack

The Travel Towel will revolutionize the way you pack

Don't you just hate packing a regular terry towel when you travel?    

Most travelers do, and here is why

a) Regular bath towels are heavy and bulky

Once you put one of them in your backpack, there is no space for anything else. Even the thinner ones. 

If you are carrying a bigger/ heavier bag, the towel is most likely the culprit.

b) They take forever to dry

Both regular bath towels towels, and thin towels take a long time to dry out completely.

This is a nuisance when packing (when checking out of a hotel etc). Because packing a damp towel stinks up your whole bag.

At this point, some of you may ask

“Why not just use the hotel towels?”

A valid question. And here is the answer.

1) What if you need to use the towel outside the Hotel?

What if you want to visit the nearby waterfall or the beach? Most hotels will not let you take the hotel towel outside the premises.

Besides, a towel is a basic item that should be part of every traveller’s backpack. You never know when you’ll need one.

2) Are hotel towels hygienic enough?

All of us have at some point, cringed at stained hotel-towels right?

You may want to be extra careful in these pandemic times.

3) Some accommodations don't even provide a towel/ charge extra.

How about a thin cotton/ linen towel instead?

Those thin cotton towels (also known as South Indian Cotton Towels) are decent replacements.

But you still need to rub and pat repeatedly. And they take forever to dry.

Alright, so where are we going with this?

Why should hassles like these ruin you hard earned holiday? You should be focusing on the more important thing - Having Fun :)

We believe that Vacations should be Perfect.

What if we told you that....

there is a unique solution to all your problems?

Something that offers you all the benefits of a good bath towel, but without any of the drawbacks.


The Microfiber Travel Towel

BorderTribe Travel Towel

This baby is made just for travelers.


Here is why you’ll love it.

A) You will save a lot of baggage space

Bordertribe Microfiber Travel Towel

A microfiber travel towel occupies less than one-third the space of a regular towel.

It will fit into even the smallest backpacks. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go.

B) You'll never have to pack a wet towel again

What happens when its time to check-out of your hotel room, and your towel hasn't dried?

A good microfiber travel towel dries-out completely in as low as 30 minutes.

It is the perfect quick dry towel.

C) No more repeated rubbing and patting

Microfiber Travel Towel

Although it is thin and compact, it absorbs water very well. Now that's a good beach towel.

One or two wipes on the body, and you will be completely dry. 

D) It is Super-lightweight, and thus easy to carry

Regular bath towels are pretty heavy, and get heavier once wet.

The microfiber travel towel is light weight (less than 200 gm usually).

In fact this is why it is highly popular among mountaineers and climbers. It helps them keep their baggage light.

BorderTribe Microfiber Travel Towel


E) It lasts really long and is super stylish

No usual problems such as thread coming out etc.

Buy it once, and it’ll last for many trips. It is the perfect one among swimming towels.

And it is stylish enough to turn a few heads :)

Microfiber Travel Towel

Here’s what travellers like you had to say about it from their personal experience.

“I had planned a trip from Chennai to Bangkok on an AirAsia budget flight, and I had not purchased any check-in baggage. The regular towel would not fit into my backpack,

I was worried of exceeding the weight-limit.Thanks to the microfiber travel towel, I did not have to buy additional check-in bag, and could manage the entire trip with just my backpack.

Peeyush, Chennai”


“I found the microfiber travel towel really useful when travelling to Europe.

They were charging us 5 euros for using towels at the beach. Luckily I was carrying a travel towel, and this saved me some money

Anirudh, Delhi”


The icing on the cake is that it is a small one-time investment that will last really long.

To be clear guys, we are not saying this is the perfect substitute for a good bath towel.

Those thick terry towels that we use regularly definitely have a place. However, when travelling, this one is a near perfect substitute. 

The one thing most travellers wanted was something really compact.

And that's how we decided to develop a travel towel with.....

all the benefits of a good bath towel at one-third the size

We introduced this towel to dozens of travellers. All of them loved it.



Bordertribe Traval towel

Smooth Travels!

Team BorderTribe

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A Towel made just for Travellers

No more packing wet and bulky towels that take forever to dry, and waste luggage space.

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Hey Traveller, Do you also make the mistake of packing your regular bath towels for your trips?

What do you do when it's time to checkout, and your towel hasn't dried yet?

Pack that soggy towel in a plastic cover, and stink up your entire bag?

Or how about when the bulky turkey towel takes up all the space in your bag?

Now you struggle to fit in all your other stuff. Plus your bag is now heavy and bulky right?

Truth be told, the Towels we use everyday are not at all suited for Travel

Gamchas/ Thin cotton towels don't absorb well, and take forever to dry

Bulky terry towels absorb well but take longer to dry. Plus they waste baggage space.

Switch to the Travel Towel Instead

No more packing wet towels

No more waiting for your towel to dry

No more packing bulky turkey towels that waste luggage space

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