Trimmer in  Hand Luggage

Is trimmer in hand luggage allowed on Airlines? Find out Now

Want to carry your trimmer in hand luggage?

But not sure whether the airline allows it?

We understand. There are so many rules with airline security that its so confusing.

There are different rules for each item (powerbank, laptop etc), and you never know whats allowed/ non-allowed in handbag/check-in.

Worry not. We'll help you sort his out.

The short answer is YES. Almost all airlines allow trimmer in hand luggage

How do we know this? We searched quite a few airline sites for baggage policies.

We also checked responses by airlines on social media. 

We even talked to airline crew about it.

Lets look at domestic airlines first.

Here is Indigo responding to a customer on X (prev. Twitter) on the same.

Trimmer in Hand Luggage
BTW, the airlines don't get to decide what you are allowed to carry.
That decision is left to the respective government authority (e.g. DGCA in India)

So, if Indigo says it's OK, any other domestic airline should not be a problem. The security check is common for all Airlines.

Travelling International?

Checkout this screenshot from the social media handle of TSA, the regulatory organization from America.

Trimmer in hand luggage

TSA is infamous for making life miserable for passengers :)

If TSA allows this, you won't have any issue with airlines flying to/in other countries.

That said, please note that following:

a) We are talking about regular trimmers (e.g. Philips) with regular blades. If your trimmer is an out of the ordinary item that security feels could be a potential threat, be prepared for surprises.

b) Trimmers are allowed but removable batteries are not. If your trimmer uses removable batteries, you may be asked to dispose them at security. Better to carry the batteries in your check-in bag.

c) Airlines of different countries may have different rules. Check your airline’s website or contact them directly to before your international flight.

Apart from this it, is safe to conclude that you can carry your trimmer in hand luggage. We have personally done it countless times.

So worry not, and have a nice trip

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