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Compact and Soft Microfiber Towel but extremely useful

As someone who travels a lot, I've always struggled packing my towel because it's usually the last thing i remember on the list and it ends up being carried separately usually crammed up in any of my backpacks. I've been looking for a compact and effective towel to carry while traveling. The effectiveness is that it should be big but i should be able to fold it in such a way it doesn't take much space in my luggage either. BorderTribe offers the perfect solution for that. I'd say it's bang for the buck as it easily solves that problem. The material is premium microfiber quality as well which really dries up faster than your ordinary towels.

Product is good and very useful for travel

Good and useful for travel

Great product

above my expectations

Highly recommended

pleased with purchase It's lightweight lint free soft towels that are easy to wash and dry. Likh to diya mere robot bhai

Thank you very much for your kindwords

The material of the towel is too good and it dries off quickly and is very compact

I loved the quality I also received it very quickly..

It’s not my first time though. It’s an amazing towel which definitely serves the purpose of travelling with light and minimal luggage. All of us should have one of these.

t's a lovely colour! Fits alot more than I expected. Was able to fit makeup and skincare products and some accessories into it. Material seems good

It has many slots to carry products and stuff. Looks sturdy and good quality. Cannot comment on the durability since I still have not used it yet

Guys thanks for the freebie toiletry bottle along with the travel towels. Loved it. Excellent quality. Placing order for one set.

Packing Cubes for Travel (6 Piece Set)
Priya C.

I’m really happy that I ordered these lovely packing cubes from you. It has been a super fast delivery, a very nice customer support and the quality is very satisfactory too. My job involves a lot of travelling and I really like to be organised . These packing cubes are a blessing for me. Thank you so much to the whole team for working towards this and making things easier for person like me. Good luck guys ! May you grow more and discover more for us 😍

Thoughtfully created product :

I’m a minimalist & wanted the towel in neutral color. I got in touch with the customer care & they were humble enough to consider my need.
Finally, I got one custom made for me & I love the micro fibre fabric as it dries faster.
These towels are created with a view to incorporate hassle free travels and the compact design serves this purposes well. Additionally,it comes with a towel cover,made of net which ensures the towel is safe+ folded in your trolley bag
This is my second time shopping from their website and They always make me happy with their super fast delivery.

Travel Blanket | Airline

Good quality and size. Really compact. Great product.

Hanging Toiletry Bag - Blue
Tameeth F.

Absolutely loved the bag.
The color,the quality & functional design
It can carry all your essentials and won’t take a lot of space in your luggage. It has a hook,so can be hung on the wall,if the washroom doesn’t have a platform.
Interactive team & prompt delivery,even during the time of covid.
Can’t wait to shop more !

Travel Blanket | Airline

Got mine today. Product is light and compat we advertised and looks good. Planning to use it soon.

Love the fabric, love the colour!! I prefer these kind of towels because they have better absorption and it's easier to carry along when travelling. And this one is particularly good and soft and easy maintenance, it dries quickly. So it's absolute value for money for me.

Excellent product, good quality , easy to pack saves space love it

Hanging Toiletry Bag - Blue

The bag itself is well made. Fit and finish is very good. Looks durable.

For a man it is perfect. It has space for all basic stuff such as brush, toothpasr, electric shaver etc. At the same time it is small size and will fit inside backpack. 5 stars

Really compact. Just got back from a trip to rishikesh weher i used it. fits in my backpack unlike the common bulky towels and better thant he usual thin cotton towels.

I had purchased it for a trip to north Bengal region. This towel served its purpose. It is really absorbent as shown which I was sceptical about. I realized you can't use it the traditional way. You need to use it like a tissue. Not rub it on your skin but press it and let the water get absorbed. I didn't mind this as the towel dries really quickly. I willing to change the way I pay myself dry for a quick dry towel.
I am happy with my purchase.

I am a backpacker and this is a big space saver for me. Product is very good for the price. Recommend buy.