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Toiletry Bottle - Silicone (Set of 3)

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Travel Toiletry Bottles - Why carry large shampoo bottles when you have these

  • Easy way to carry your shampoos and lotions
  • Completely leak proof
  • Washable, and Re-usable
  • Can easily be squeezed to avoid wastage
  • No more packing large bottles that take up valuable luggage space
    • Quantity: 1 Set of 3 Nos
    • Dimensions:
      • Small: 50 ml (Light Blue)
      • Medium:65 ml (Light Blue)
      • Large: 88 ml (Orange)
    • Material:
      • Body: Silicone
      • Cap: Plastic
    • Free Shipping & Returns
    • Country of Origin: China

    Save Luggage Space

    Why carry your large size shampoo bottles for a few days' trip?

    Carry your toiletries in these cute travel toiletry bottles.

    Just fill them up and just drop them in your toiletry bag.

    It'll save you a ton of luggage space.

    No more shampoo explosions.

    Completely leak proof design. Guaranteed they won't explode inflight.

    Super-easy to squeeze

    You won't have to tap the bottom to get your shampoo out. The bottles are pretty squeezable. This makes it easy to access your shampoo and lotions. It also reduces wastage.

    Washable and Re-Usable

    Wash them after your trip, and they are good as new.

    Smooth Travels !

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mahima S.

    Guys thanks for the freebie toiletry bottle along with the travel towels. Loved it. Excellent quality. Placing order for one set.


    Great product.