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Vietnam Visa on Arrival vs E-Visa: How to choose the right one

Vietnam Visa - An Introduction

  1.  There are three ways of applying for a Vietnam Visa

    • Apply through the Embassy

    • Apply for an E-Visa

    • Apply for a Visa on Arrival

  2. A Vietnam E-Visa is very different from the Visa on Arrival and each comes with very different conditions and application processes. Travellers often confuse these both.

  3. Below we are going to make a comparison of the E-Visa vs the Visa on Arrival.

  4. Pick the type of visa you need based on your requirements and click through for the step by step process for obtaining it

Vietnam E-Visa

  1. Visa Validity: 30 Days. Duration cannot be extended

  2. Entry Criteria: Single Entry Only.

  3. Visa Process: 100% Online & Simple Process

  4. Port of Entry allowed: 28 Land, Sea and Airports in Vietnam

  5. Visa Fee: USD 25 (approx. Rs. 1700) to be paid online

  6. Visa fee is non-refundable

  7. Processing time at Airport: Nil. You can just walk through immigration by showing your E-Visa copy.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

  1. Visa Validity: 1 Month and 3 Months options.

  2. Entry Criteria: Both Single & Multiple entry available.

  3. Visa Process: Obtain approval letter online and apply for visa on arrival upon landing in Vietnam.

  4. Port of Entry Allowed: Only through 6 International Airports in Vietnam.

  5. Visa Fee: USD 8-10 to be paid to agent for approval letter and USD 25 as Stamping Fee at Airport (Total USD 35 – approx. Rs. 2,400).

  6. Visa Extension: Can apply for extension upto 30 days.

  7. Visa Fee: Agent will usually refund fee for approval letter if application is not successful.

  8. Processing time at Airport: 1-2 hours depending on rush.

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