7 ways Packing Cubes will transform your travels

7 ways Packing Cubes will transform your travels

Familiar with these rectangle shaped boxes that are used for packing?

If not, don't worry. We got you covered.

What are Packing Cubes?

Some people call these travel cubes. Some others call these luggage organizers. 

As the names suggest, these are basically used to segregate stuff when packing a backpack/ suitcase.

There are separate cubes for each category of items such as Clothing, Inner Wear, Socks, Electronics, Shoes etc.

They are also know as packing pouches, travel pouches etc.

Packing Cubes
Image: BorderTribe 6 piece Packing Cube set by Travelsky

But what are the benefits of using Packing Cubes for Travel?

Well, quite a few....

1) Easy to retrieve the items you need

Looking for your favorite t-shirt? Just open the cube that you packed your t-shirts in. No rummaging through the entire bag.

What if you just need your electronics? Just take that particular cube out of the bag, and leave the rest behind. You don't have to unpack the entire bag.

Packing Cubes India

Image: Electronics bag from the BorderTribe 5 piece Packing Cube set

2) Multiple Check-ins and Check-outs are super easy

Ever been on a trip where you are destination hopping? Its not easy to pack and unpack after each hotel check-in/ check-out right?

How about packing the stuff you need for each day in separate cubes? You won't have to unpack your whole bag in every place you stay.

3) It is easier to share baggage space

Sharing baggage space with a spouse or a friend? Just use packing cubes to segregate each person's stuff. There are no better packing bags for clothes.

Packing Cubes India

Image: BorderTribe 7 piece Packing Cube set

4) It is easier to manage your stuff in shared rooms, hostels etc.

Imagine sharing a room with someone, or staying in a common dormitory etc. Put your stuff in these packing pouches to make sure your items don't get lost or misplaced.

5) Your clothes stay wrinkle free

The clothes are packed nice and tight one over the other in these travel pouches. This will keep the clothes wrinkle-free.

Packing Cubes

Image: The clothing cube in the BorderTribe 5 piece Packing Cube set

6) A separate bag for your footwear

Gone are the days of using plastic convers for packing footwear. Just use the shoe-cube. It is pretty stylish too.

Packing cubes for travel
Image: Shoe bag from the BorderTribe 5 piece Packing Cube set

7) Keeps your used stuff from mixing with the unused ones.

This is essential. Just empty the clothes in the laundry cube into the laundry bin once you reach home.

Alright... got it.

But there are many types of packing cubes.

How to choose the right packing cubes?

Here are the things to consider when choosing packing cubes

a) Are you backpacking, or is it a relaxed leisure trip?

Backpacking journeys are rougher, and require highly durable packing cubes.

Whereas, other casual vacations can be managed with average ones.

How often you travel is also an important factor.

b) What kind of luggage are you carrying?

While trolley bags can accommodate larger size cubes, backpacks need smaller ones.

Check the sizes before you get one.

For eg. The BorderTribe 5 piece Packing Cube set (below) is designed for backpacks. The clothing cubes are just the right size to hold a folded t-shirt, shirt or trouser.

Packing Cubes
Image: BorderTribe 5 piece Packing Cube set

c) What kind of clothes are you carrying?

If you are carrying larger size clothes (e.g. Dresses while heading to a wedding), you would need bigger cubes.

Whereas, t-shirts for a 3 days vacation will easily fit in smaller cubes. 

The important thing is that the clothes should fit the cube well. If the cube is too large, the clothes will move around and get disorganizes/ wrinkled

For e.g the large clothing cube in the BorderTribe 7 piece packing cube  set is large enough to hold Dresses, Suits, Sarees etc. Ideal when travelling for functions such as wedding etc.

d) How long is the trip and how many types of items will you be carrying?

Longer trips require more stuff and hence more cubes. 

For eg. The BorderTribe 7 piece packing cube set has cubes for almost every item (clothes, socks, electronics, shoes, inner wear, laundry etc.

Packing Cubes India

Image: BorderTribe 7 piece Packing Cube set

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