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Packing Cubes for Travel (7 Piece Set) - Khaki

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Super-Easy and Organized Packing

Set of 7 Packing Organizers. 2 Large Mesh Covers for clothes. One each for Toiletries, Shoes, Inner Wear, Shoes, and multipurpose.

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Great product

above my expectations

  • Super Easy to Pack and Retrieve items

    The mesh coves makes it easy to identify what is inside each travel cube. No more searching the entire suitcase for your favorite T-shirt.

  • Avoid unpacking the entire suitcase at each stay

    Pack the stuff you need for each day into separate travel cubes, and just retrieve only the cubes you need. . The rest of your suitcase stays intact.

  • Prevent stuff from getting mixed up

    Separate travel bag organizer for each item (clothes, laundry, shoes, toiletries, shoes, and innerwear)

  • Very Useful and Super Quality

    The product is very useful and super quality. Would like to shop more with you soon😊 - Anusha

  • Packing cubes are a life saver

    I specifically waited for Border Tribe to come out with their product. The 7 piece cyan set has cubes for every need. And it looks and feels exactly like you'd imagine after going through their website. - Ashmita

  • High quality and I love the colours

    Product looks high quality and I love the colours - Prarthana S

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  • Super Stylish and Organized way to pack

    The pictures speak for themselves. These packing bags will turn a few heads whenever you open your luggage.

  • Share luggage space with ease

    Sharing luggage space with a travel partner? Just pack the stuff in separate travel; cubes. That way your stuff won't get mixed up.


Body: Polyester
Zipper: Metal with plastic coating
Mesh Covered Cubes (2 no): For clothes
Full Covers (3 nos): For Toiletries, Inner Wear and Multipurpose
Travel Pouches (2 no): For Shoes and Laundry
Weight: 350 gm
Country of Origin: China

  • Is it Returnable

    Yes, Within 7 days of delivery in unused condition.

  • Is COD Available

    Yes, COD is available for order values of upto Rs. 4,000

  • When will it be delivered

    Within 5-7 days of order placement (excluding holidays)

  • Where do you ship from?

    All our products are shipped from Chennai, India

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