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Foldable Backpack - Soliva

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A Foldable Backpack just for your day trips

  • Easily Foldable and Unfoldable
  • Spacious enough for all your day trip essentials
  • Compact and packable
  • Durable and Water Resistant
  • Multiple Compartments for segregation
  • Super Stylish
  • Free Shipping & Returns


  • Dimensions:
    • Folded: 20 cm x 18 cm
    • Folded: 19 cm x 20 cm
    • Unfolded:
      • LBH: 40 cm x 26 cm x 15 cm
      • Volume: 13 L (approx.)
  • Weight: 340 gm
  • Material:
    • Body: Soft Nylon
    • Zipper: Metallic
  • Available in 2 Colors:
    • Pink
    • Dark Blue
  • Country of Origin: China

Perfect for Day Trips

Carry this foldable backpack in your trolley bag/ regular backpack. Just unfold it once you reach your destination. Use it for your daytrips, and pack it back in your bag after use.

Don't spoil your regular backpack

Why spoil your regular backpack by taking it on day-trips? Carry a this foldable backpack instead for beach trips, hikes, camping etc.

Protect your valuables

It is perfectly sized to hold your valuables and other daytrip items such as passport, wallet, sunglasses, towel etc.

You won't have to carry a check-in bag

You don't need 2 bags for a trip. Just pack a foldable backpack inside your regular backpack/ cabin bag. You can travel light and free without a check-in bag.

Smooth Travels!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Very nice Product

Deepali S.


Nandita M.

Functional yet stylish
I got this bag as a gift from my friend and honestly, it's such a beautiful piece of luggage, I cannot thank her enough.

It is perfect for my travels, very compact yet super fashionable!
It has enough space to keep my essentials for a day out, but folds into the smallest space and fits right in my suitcase.

Definitely recommend this product.

A big thank you for feedback from the BorderTribe team. We really appreciate it.