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Cancelled Trip? Do these instead

We hate to be the bearers of bad news. But its safe to say that your Travel Plans are most likely ruined. Its just too risky to travel right now. Countries are denying entry to even citizens. Flights are getting cancelled worldwide. Covid is still spreading its dangerous tentacles.

BorderTribe has officially taken a "No Go' stance with regard to travel until further notice.

That said, We understand that ruined travel plans are really disappointing. You were looking forward to fun holidays on beaches, mountains and in exotic cities. And now you are stuck at home instead.

Well no point cribbing. Instead why not try to make the best of the situation. We asked our Facebook Group for ideas on what to do instead. Here is what they came up with.

1) Learn a New Language:

Real travel is not just about going places. It is about having experiences. Soaking in the culture of the destination and experiencing it like a local.

Your dream trip to France got cancelled? Well, why not learn some French in the meantime. That way when your trip does happen, it'll be a much better one.

Imagine waltzing through the Louvre reading directions in French. Or picture the look on that locals face when you ask him/her for directions in French. 

We are not asking you to be masters at the language (although that's not a bad idea). Just learn enough to make a difference to your trip. We guarantee you it'll be worth it.

There are sites such as Duolingo that make learning a breeze.

2) Watch shows Online:

This one is especially for people stuck at home. We know you have favorite shows. But we have a recommendation.

This series called The Last Ship on Amazon PrimeVideo. The premise of the series is that the entire world has been ravaged by a deadly virus killing millions of people. A US Navy Ship sets out on a quest to find a cure.

Quite an interesting watch in these time. And don't worry. Its not full of morbidity and death. There is a lot of action and romance in it too. And it has a happy ending.

Give it a shot. The series has 5 seasons.

3) Do more research on your planned destinations

Travel Planning

Your trip is not cancelled. It is just postponed. Maybe it is a good thing. Maybe you'll plan it better the next time.

Do more research so that you can shun the popular touristy spots and explore the offbeat stuff instead.

Had Athens, Santorini and Mykonos on your itinerary? How about adding Creta, Paros, Naxos or Rhodes to the list.

Also how about reading up on the art, history and culture of your planned destination. This will help you appreciate the cities, museums, historical sites and even the food better.

Be a Real Traveller, Not a Tourist.

4) Learn to cook a Foreign Dish

Travel Cooking

French Onion Soup anyone? Or maybe Macrons? 

What better way to get over that cancelled trip? Cook a dish that is staple of your planned destination. The mouth watering Aroma will definitely play a small part in soothing your Travel Genes.

5) Take Care

Prevent Corona

Although we saved this for the last, this is the most important one,

All of us are Globetrotters. But now is not the time. Now is not the time to travel, to go partying, go swimming, go to the gym or do any such stuff.

Practice social distancing to the extent possible. Stay home if have that option. 

Avoid eating out and ordering-in too if possible.

Wash your hands with Sanitizer frequently. Follow government advice.

That's what Real Travellers do.

We realize that the above are not perfect alternatives to the dream trip you planned. But these are probably the best you can do.

Here is to Better Times

Team BorderTribe


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