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Disposable Underwear for Travel: Yes they are a thing

One of the fascinating things about travel accessories is that most of these items were invented for much more advanced purposes.

As a brand that is constantly looking for ways to make travel hassle-free, such things always pique our interest.

The Disposable Travel Underwear is one such item. It was originally invented for Astronauts, and later for medical use.

Disposable underwear for travel

However, the backpackers and campers were quick to adopt it. They needed something light and did not want to do laundry on the road :) 

Neccesity after all, is the the mother of all invention.

Today, there are brands in the west that sell Travel Underwear. 

Here is all you need to know

What are they?

Underwear that is made of thin material and suitable only for single use. They are light weight, and highly compact.

What are they made of?

Disposable briefs come in different kinds of material such as Cotton, Polyester, and even paper.

What do they look like?

Good ones actually look like regular underwear. It is just that they are made of thin material.

Who are they for?

Travellers use it to reduce the bulk and weight of their backpack. Underwear actually takes up more space than you think it does.

What if you are on a 15 day trip? Do you really want to do laundry on the road? These use and throw ones are quite convenient. 

They are also highly compact, and light weight.

Also they don't cost too much.

Fun Fact: Many Airport shops and hotel gift shops sell disposable underwear to travellers who are left without clean underwear because their luggage is delayed.

Just to clarify, these are made for both men and women.

What are the drawbacks?

For one, you can't expect the comfort of your favourite pair with these. But they do a decent job.

Secondly, they do not absorb as much as your regular ones. Hence these are not advisable for adventure sports, hikes etc.

Where can I buy them?

This is where we have to dissapoint you a bit. While we do see many brands selling disposable underwear on Amazon and other ecommerce sites, we do not yet have the experience to recommend one to you. Hopefully, we will soon be able to.

Smooth Travels!


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